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At Manotick United Church we strive to be a resource to our local community where our Vision and Values promote a strong connection with the community and encourage participation in our activities and services. Our building is centrally located in Manotick Village and is well suited for community groups, music concerts and special events. It is a handicap accessible facility. Our mission statement is "We welcome all, who with God's help, work to build a better world."

We want to encourage you to try us out either on Sunday or attend one of the many different concerts or events we host during the year. Information about upcoming events is found here on our website. Contact us if you are curious and just want to find out more about who we are. If you have never been to church or are nervous, don't worry we like to have people just drop in and there is no special things you need to know to participate. Come as you are, we are informal and want everyone to feel comfortable. Coffee is always available with some other treats following our service.

If you have an event that you feel might be held at our building it is available for rental or we may help you co-sponsor a special charitable event. Talk to us to explore the possibilities.

Worship Services are held each Sunday at 10 AM. Please come an check us out!

Whether you are religious or not, whether you seek spirituality or just seek fellowship in a peaceful friendly environment

you will be welcome. We have an excellent Sunday School Program during the worship period except during July and August.

Our Vision and Values Revised March 2021

Manotick United Church has recently updated its Community of Faith profile to reflect a revised statement of values  and strategic objectives  for 2021/2022 as we continue the process of reaching out to find a minister to lead us. We are excited by the opportunity to review and renew our own vision, mission, values and goals to help us understand where God wants to lead us as we move forward. You will find the original 2019 Manotick United Church Action Group Report  provides an insightful description of our congregation and the strategic direction we hope to set for our church.  The original detailed Community of faith Profile 2019 can be found here.

Vision Statement

We seek to be an inclusive, vibrant, multigenerational faith community that supports people at every stage of their spiritual journey and reaches out to those who struggle in our community and around the world.


Guiding Principle: 

We recognize we live, work and worship on the lands that are by law the unceded traditional territory of the Algonquin and Anishinaabeg peoples.


Our Values:

  1. Grounded in Community: We endeavour to be a good neighbour within Manotick and the surrounding area by supporting local activities and programs.  

  2. Inclusive, Diverse and Welcoming: We welcome the ministry and participation of all persons regardless of economic circumstance, religious or ethnic background, health, race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, differing abilities or stage on their journey of faith.

  3. Worship: We celebrate God in traditional and alternative forms.

  4. Fellowship and Human Connections: We are a safe, welcoming and supportive Christian community where friendships are nurtured.  We look after each other through pastoral care as well as the loving efforts of the congregation. 

  5. Outreach: We offer support to people living in poverty, the dispossessed and those who are hurting within our neighbourhood, our country and our world.

  6. Rooted in tradition: We honour and recognize our place in the United Church of Canada.


Strategic Objectives for 2021/2022:

1. To thrive as a community of faith.

2. To continue to become increasingly self-sustaining

3. To increase our understanding of our place and role in the changing nature of our community              beyond the church walls.

4. To maintain our commitment to social justice through our outreach ministries.

5. To strive to live in Right Relations with the first Peoples of Canada.

6. To increase our commitment to seniors and youth in the congregation and surrounding area.

Strategic Initiatives for 2021/2022:

  1. Ministry will be focussed on family and youth while continuing to serve the current congregation.

  2. Minister selection will be focussed on selecting a candidate who can work with us collaboratively to develop our ministry in this new direction and to encourage us to re-evaluate our strategic plan at regular intervals.

  3. Rental revenue will be maximized in our effort to have that income cover the operating costs of our heritage building.

  4. Fundraising activities will be focussed and aligned with our strategic objectives and evaluated based on impact and volunteer effort.

  5. To grow our on-line presence on various social media platforms for worship and programming.  This includes enabling our members to use on-line technology as they are able and interested.



  1. To continue exploring working with other faith communities regarding youth programming.  (Initiative #1)

  2. Continue the development and marketing of the Manotick and Area Centre for Arts and Wellness (MACAW)  (initiatives #1 &3) 

  3. Work with ROSSS to provide tablets and education on their usage to seniors.                (Initiatives #1 and 5.)

  4. Continue to participate in Manotick BIA, Manotick Community and Village Association as well as with other local churches in activities beyond our church.


Revised March 25, 2021

our dedicated,talented team

 Our Minister
Our church

  Paul Whynacht

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Lisa Richards

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