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Special Slide Show Presentation:

June 21 is National Indigenous Day, so for our Wednesday Worship Service that week (June 23) – we will be putting together a special slide show honouring the tragic loss of 215 indigenous children at the residential school in Kamloops. We are asking people who did a display on their doorstep of shoes and teddies, to please email me a copy (thanks to those who have already submitted a picture), or if you are out and about and see a display honouring these children, please send me a picture. Thank you for your ongoing support.


Educational Resources Concerning Canada's Indigenous Peoples:


June is National Indigenous History Month - a time for all Canadians - Indigenous, non-Indigenous and newcomers - to reflect upon and learn the history, sacrifices, cultures, contributions, and strength of First Nations, Inuit and Metis people. It’s important to keep in mind that First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples each have their own unique histories. And within each group, there are distinct histories.  https://www.ictinc.ca/blog/national-indigenous-history-month




  1. Information through the United Church of Canada Website:



  1. Free virtual training offered through University of Alberta that examines the historical and contemporary lives, identities, cultural expressions, rights, and goals of Indigenous peoples in Canada.  This course also attempts to bring Indigenous voices and perspectives to the learning experience. The class is offered in English with French subtitles.

Indigenous Canada | Coursera


  1. Indigenous Cities: The stories here | National Arts Centre


  1. The following link is a CBC Podcast that you might find of interest - Telling Our Twisted Histories with Kaniehtiio Horn



One of the primary actions outlined by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is education.  As settlers seeking to live in Right relations with Indigenous people, we need to learn or in some cases relearn the true history of Canada which includes our country’s treatment of Indigenous people.  We all have a responsibility to do the work to learn more about, advocate for and reconcile with the Indigenous People of Turtle Island, now known as Canada. www.OnCanadaProject.ca/SettlersTakeAction

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