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music ministry

We are especially proud of our  music ministry, where we blend"traditional" and "contemporary" music throughout our worship services in an attempt to embrace a variety of musical taste.

We also strongly support community concerts and other music events at the church building which has the best acoustic space in Manotick.


At Manotick United Church we welcome families and children of all ages. Before beginning worship in the pew with their parents, children can choose colouring sheets from a table at the back of the sanctuary. 

We have a quiet room and a play area, where parents can stay with their young children or babies if they choose, or we will provide adult supervision.

The minister invites all of the children who wish to participate to come to the front for children's time partway through the service. 

After children's time the children are welcomed to join us for Sunday School. Each week the children explore God's world through song, games, crafts and lessons. Classes are provided for children ages 2 to 14. Our volunteer teachers provide an inclusive experience that focuses on learning through fun and fellowship.


The Congregation  of Manotick United Church extend congratulations and wish you happiness in your marriage plans and God’s blessings in the years ahead. 

Wedding Guidelines:
Our mission is fulfilled through all our church activities.  It is our goal to encourage you on your spiritual journey in holy matrimony.

Your Wedding:
Your preferred date and time will be coordinated through the church office.  All other arrangements will be discussed with the Minister. 

Contact the Church Office for more information or to schedule an appointment. 613-692-4576 ext. 221

For information about renting space for wedding receptions check our muceventspace web site below.


From the days of the early church, the children of believing parents have been baptized and nurtured in the family of God.  This acknowledges that children too are part of the covenant relationship with God.  When these children are older, they make their own profession of faith in Christ, affirming the faith into which they are baptized. Parents may wish to have sponsors or God-parents for their child.  A God-parent is someone who, in making the baptismal vows, supports the parents in guiding and nurturing the child’s spiritual growth and life in Jesus Christ.

Persons wishing to arrange for a baptism should contact the church secretary to arrange a meeting with the Minister.  The Minister and an elder will then meet with families wishing a baptism to be performed in order to ensure a thorough understanding of baptism, the service and the vows that will be made.  A mutually convenient date for the ceremony will then be agreed upon

Quilts 4 Kids

This outreach program started in 2008.  Up to 100 tied fleece blankets are made each year by our group of approximately 12 volunteers affectionately known as the Knotty Knotters.  These blankets are distributed primarily to refugee children in the Ottawa area.  In 2018 blankets were also given to children in Dunrobin affected by the tornados in September.

New volunteers are always welcome to join the Knotty Knotters on Fridays 10 to 12 from September to May. Other ways to support this program are by making cash donations, purchasing one of the blankets or sponsoring the making of a blanket as a special gift to give someone who has everything.  Please contact our office 613-692-4576 for more information about how you can get involved.

Manotick Food Cupboard

Manotick United Church has been involved in emergency food provision and distribution in our community for over 30 years.  We have a volunteer representative on the Manotick Food Cupboard committee along with representatives from the local Presbyterian and Catholic Churches. The committee ensures that food is collected and distributed to the families and individuals who come to us for help.  Call 613-692-6333 if you require service from the Manotick Food cupboard.

Christmas Hamper Program

In cooperation with the Manotick Food cupboard and Rural Ottawa South Support Services our church provides Christmas Hampers for several families.  The hampers contain food, Christmas gifts, special treats and gift cards.

Mission and Service

As a member congregation of the United Church of Canada (UCC)  MUC collects and remits funds to support UCC mission and service work in the Ottawa area as well as nationally and globally.  For a description of programs funded by Mission and Service, please visit

Outreach Collection Drives

At least twice a year our congregation collects wish list items or cash donations for organizations.  Organizations that we have assisted in the past are:

  1. Naomi’s Family Resource Centre which is a shelter for women with or without children in the Winchester area.  For more information

  2. Matthew House Refugee Service which provides transitional housing to recently arrived refugees. For more information:

  3. Shepherd’s of Good Hope

  4. Ottawa Interfaith Housing


House of Lazurus (HOL)

Our congregation has been collecting and delivering gently used clothing and household items to the House of Lazurus in Mountain, Ontario for over 30 years.  These items are sold in their Thrift Shop. These funds  are used to support the programs of HOL including their Food Bank.  A roster of volunteer drivers take the items collected to Mountain when the collection box is full.

Christian Meditation
4:30 - 5:15
at Manotick United 
oasis healing pathway

This program is open to any members of the community who feel they might benefit from one or more spiritual healing sessions conducted by trained practitioners.


Pastoral Support

Our minister and our team of friendly visitors are active in providing pastoral support to people in our community. If you would like to help or know someone who could benefit from some encouragement and support please contact us.

Volunteer Groups

Manotick United Church supports many volunteer activities. If you would like to volunteer please let us know. Also if there is a community cause that you would like to get help with please contact us to see if we can help.

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